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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And life goes on.....

As I sit here and recope from my weekend
I am thankful for everyone who took the time to pray for my family
while my Mom was ill.
As much as we pray for wellbeing and healing
God does not always lisiten to what we want.
Maybe Mom herself was praying for forgiveness and to be with God?
We wont know all the answers and I dont even want to know,
But God made his final discission to take her to be with him
and I think thats what Mom wanted.
There are support groups out there for adults who have lost there parents.
I live in a small town where I dont have alot of that.
Mom lives in us.
My garden is actually producing?
I was so surprised. Its a small garden,
some corn, tomatoes, okra, sqush.
But today I could see corn forming.
Live goes on weather its in people,
plants or animals.
Enjoy your week.
Mine is getting better by the day!!!! Amen :)

1 comment:

Sue said...

Glad to hear your doing better and getting some produce from your garden, nothing tastes better! Is that your lilac, sure is pretty! Wes is laid up ALL week so I'm not getting alot done, but hopefully he'll be mending soon!