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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Old West

How I would of loved to have lived in the old west back in the 1900. I think that was an awesome time period. Gun fights down the main street, Steam trains, a simple life. What you have does not matter to others or how much money.
Today is my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday Sue, my thoughts are with you today. Maybe someday we will be closer to enjoy our birthdays together. We are both in our 40s now and not getting any younger, and as my brother told me the other day, "are family is getting smaller, we need to stick together" and I do feel that way. But you always have one black sheep in the whole bunch. Happy Thursday everyone. Summer is here. Make the best of it. :)


Sue said...

Love the photo!! Yeah, would be neat to have lived back then! I had a pretty good birthday, thanks!

Howard said...

Happy Birthday from me too Sue :):):)

Sue said...

Aren't you sweet Howard, thanks!!!