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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Days of Sadness

Hello to all of you. As I sit here and type in my blogg I sit back and think of my Mom who we lost last Sunday 6/11 in Hospice. Death is something we all have to go through and its never a pleasant thing to have to deal with. My feeling of losing a parent is my security blanket is gone. I think that I need to call Mom and tell her something, but now I cant. I will always have her in my heart and my memories. Its hard when your planning a memorial, paying her bills, and sorting out the paper work. I guess that's what children are for? Enjoy your parents while they are still around. I know she is watching over me and my family, and now she has time to spend with her Mom and Dad and my Dad. We love you Mom.

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Sue said...

I'll share a friends comforting words that mean alot to me. She said Mom would be dancing in heaven, kissing us goodnight, and for us not to worry. Since her note, I've had Tom Jones songs stuck in my head and on the radio! She loved Tom! :)