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Friday, June 09, 2006

Hey there yall, hope that your days are going great? Sorry its been so long since my last posting. I have been away from the computer. My Mom is moved to Pahrump and so did I until we know more on what's going to happen to her. The outcome don't look good. She is a strong lady and fighting to stay alive. She reminds me of a small child laying in bed, needing help with everything. As I look at the people who live in places like rest homes, hospice, ect. It makes me so sad that no one visits them, they just hang on until they die. My Mom is getting cared for real good and all the lady's there love her, they tell me she's sweet. One young lady today told my Mom that she loves her. What type of people would tell an old lady and a stranger that? God does work in ways we cant believe, he's keeping her going for what reasons we don't know? I hate seeing my Mom just linger like that.

Many Best Wishes goes out to my sister Sues family as one of her sons are getting married tomorrow. I was going to fly out but with Mom the way she is I don't want to leave. Sue drove out to Nevada to see Mom before she passes, we had a great visit, I just wish we could do more of that. Thank You to all of my friends who give me strength and support during this difficult time. I love you all ..... :)

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Sue said...

So glad Mom is liking her new home, it means alot to know she is well cared for and that she has you close by. Stay strong and don't forget to take care of yourself during this hard time. Love you lots!