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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Clean, Clean, Clean, thats all we do and it still comes back to get us?

Well back to normal for us at west. Wildfire are gone and so is some of the rain and humidity. Today in Vegas the temps are only 100, which is great that will make us somewhat cooler. Housecleaning? Who would of thought that cleaning could wear someone out? Yesterday we were moving stuff around and cleaning real good, I was so tired when bedtime hit. Its almost jelly making time, as soon as the weather cools down some it will be time to hit the pot and jars. Cant wait. Well hope you all have a great Sunday. I am relaxing while hubby is at work.

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Sue said...

If it's too hot outside to play, I like to get some deep cleaning in too, and if you come out I can send you home with some canning jars! I'm waiting for it to cool off too to get some jelly made and bake bread again! I love the fall!