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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Planning a Trip?

I am planning a trip back to Missouri?
Who would of thought it took so much to even think about going places?
My journey is 1600 miles one way to see my sister Sue.
I hope I get to go with such a rotten Summer,
a break from here will do a person good.
When your counting your pennies and change all adds up like gas, food, motels.
My car went to the shop and of course that is not an cheap fix.
$1,000 round figure, but its worth more to me then getting rid of it.
My husband growls to even think about making payment on something,
He would if he though we really needed it, but until that day comes we keep what we have.
My granddaughter left yesterday to California, I am a sad nana.
I know she needs to be with her Mom or Dad and not me,
its hard on this little girl, she is so sad when she leaves.
I wish I could make her life all better.
Off to working around this place, so have a great day, Love you all....

1 comment:

Sue said...

Ouch! I thought you were just getting your car serviced? I know how much you'll miss that sweet little girl, I hope she got her little scrapbook before she left? Hugs!!