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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Summer is a time to enjoy your life with swimming, barbecues, vacations and children playing. But in Beatty we have had chances of rain for over a week. And Saturday lighting was so bad that it hit the mountains around this small town causing fires on both sides of the town. Everyone and things are safe. We have fire fighters from as far as Salt Lake City here putting it out. It must be rough on them being away from there family's, not sleeping in a bed, and not knowing if you will make it fighting a fire? Makes people wonder why people do things for money? Is money worth your life? Our little town is saved from these hero's!!!!!

Well it been a month now since mom has passed. Its been hard on all of us knowing that she is gone. Things in this household are slowly returing to what some would call normal?

Enjoy your Summer and your family's. You only have them once in your life, make the most of it.


Sue said...

SO glad your all ok, Erin did hear it right, funny how a story like that can make it all the way to the Ozarks, esp. since you live there! Stay safe!! Hugs!!

Shila said...

My poor little home town, all on fire, just glad its only in the mountains and not near the houses. I do miss a little bit of the Beatty Life!!!