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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I got an Email from my Sister today. Titled Bibles vs Cell Phones. And how true this email was. Even though it was a forward, and you always think that is not for real. It got me thinking what this world would be like if we did not have the things for today's demands. The end said The bible would never be discontinued because God already paid the bill. God has set up our lives to the way he wants us to be. We cant change what happens. And if the bible was like our cell phone, it would be carried with us at all times even in school. My point is, I know I don't read the bible as much as I am supposed to, and if it takes an email to make me think, then I am not doing something write?
My few days with my granddaughter was great. We played, talked, tea party's, quad ride. What a way to go. She is now with her Mommy, where she need to be, because all girls need there mom. She is Gods gift to me! And how many grandma can say they got to deliver there own grandchild. Oh pick me !!!!! I did that... And proud of it. Have a great Sunday.


Sue said...

WOW, she looks like her dad again! LOL I can also see alot of you in her, no wonder you two are close! Nothing compares to the love of grandkids!

Shila said...

Thats my beautiful daughter, and the #1 Love of my life!!!