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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back To Work and School !!!

Hey Yall, well all is getting back to some what normal. 1st week of school well pretty good. I am learning my new job as librarian is good. A lot to learn, but worth it. Kids are all settled in there new classes and Volleyball season is in swing. Me being 2 year coach. We have a lot to learn and working with the 6th grade girls, they need lots of practice. Our first game is on Saturday. Wish us luck (we need all we can get) Our weather is pretty nice, but there some humidity in the air and it makes it sticky since all we use here is swamp coolers. My sister is off roaming the country visiting her 2 youngest kids. Cant wait to hear about her trip. Well am off for now. Have a GREAT week. Heres a photo of my sister Sue and Wes and the kids. This was taken years ago. Look how cute the kids all look. Oh and dont forget about my DADDY!!! rest in peace Dad, we love you


Anonymous said...

Great picture, kids grow up don't they. Glad you like your new job and the volleyball team will be fine.

Sue said...

Ack, don't you need my permission to show pics over the internet? LOL My how we have all changed! The trip was long ( 2066 miles round trip) but good. Ty lives in the most beautiful place on earth, but he can't wait to come home! :) Will fill you in and send you some pics...gotta do laundry! Hugs!!