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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Seasons Changing

I love the fall time with the temps cooling down, air crisp, leaves turning colors, and jelly making time. I don't care so much for all the leaves we have to rack up. I have a lot of trees around my lot, so you can image what I am talking about. I made my first batch of jelly last weekend when my granddaughter was here. She got to help and though it was a lot of fun. Our volleyball is hanging in there, there's some rough spots that need working on, but we all need work here and there. Danielle (my daughter) is doing good. When I get some pictures, I will tet and post one. I found a friend of mine who I had been trying to find for years. I found her from myspace. People dont like that site because of all the talk. I got on it because my daughters have accounts then I can keep my eye out for them. Well I called my friend on Monday,we talked for over an hour. Thank You myspace for reconnecting me with a good friend I had lost back in 98. Well I am off to work. You all have a great one.

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Sue said...

Fall here for sure, only 73 today! You know you can always let those leaves rot and use them for mulch, the plants will love you! Send me your myspace link so I can check out your page! The internet is such a good thing, glad you found a old friend! Hugs...