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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Almost Friday

Who would of thought that Friday meant so much to people? Most of us can not wait for this day because it starts the weekend for us. Having 2 days off? Sleeping in? Cleaning house? What ever your days off hold in store for you, make them good. I am sitting in an EMT refresher class all weekend. I will be sat back and thinking about the things I should be doing at home. People I need to chat with, Bloggs that need updated. Thank goodness I only have to do this every other year. I had a surprise visit tonight from Kaley. Her Dad is taking her for the weekend and drove through town and she wanted to stop by to say Hi. How sweet. She knows she has my heart. Why is it that billing company's wait so long to bill someone? My Mom passed in June and I am just getting a bill from the nursing home. She was in there 9 days and I paid most of it and now they want more money? After almost 4 months. I tried calling them, but no one returns my call? So then if I don't pay it, my credit will be shot? The bill is in my name? Bummer. Not a happy camper here. Well have a great Friday.


howard said...

That place must have got their billing practices from hospitals. Not sure which is more painful, the operation or all the bills you get afterwards :( Good luck with your class, you'll do fine...

Sue said...

Kayle knows what nana needs!! Try to have a good weekend anyway and if you paid Mom's bill, fight it! Sending you a big ole hug!!