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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Am Back ?

What a week. The weather started cooling down after a long and hot Summer then the heat hit back up? What's up with that? It was 96 in Vegas yesterday. Its time to turn those numbers around. My computer was down for a couple of day until today I fix it? Lucky me. With out my computer, I don't get to chat with my friends. Had a nice chat with my sister Sue. She was painting her house today. They are putting it on the market after winter is over. I hope they get top dollar for it. She does have it fixed up nice.
Its hard to believe that it is October already. Where has this year flown to? Holiday time is comming up, It wont be a happy one for me this year, but I have my family by my side and my friends. I will enjoy the time off I get around Christmas, it will be time to get the chores done around the house. Who would of though the computer would mean so much to people. It allows us to explore more places. Chat with friends, Paint picture, make you own CD and so much more. I am taking a FREE class from HP.com. They offer several different class. I am taking one on Ditgal Photography. The more I can learn, then I wont look so dump. Check out the web site, there might be something there you will like? and FREE to. Until my next blog, Take care and God Bless.

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Sue said...

Hey, like the new look here! It's warmed up again here, and tons of butterflys everywhere!! Free classes, I'm checking it out, digital photography is SO neat, thanks for the tip! Have a GREAT week! Hugs!