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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beatty days

What a way to spend the weekend by walking around the park, Looking at old cars, food and vendors? I was hoping to find some early Christmas gifts, but since its election year a lot of the booths were canidates that are running for office. My son on the other hand is in heaven. The Las Vegas garden model rail road come up and displayed there trains and he loves it. They try to come up every year and he know it. Last year they did not make it. All morning he was ready to go, so I took him up there and dropped him off. So from 11 to 5 he has been there and tomorrow too. He will bug me until then. I think in his world that he is in the trains? Living a simple life. Wish we all could dream like that. Well I am off here soon to go and get Kyle. He wont be ready to come home but there's always tomorrow, so until then. Have a good one.

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Sue said...

I'm so glad Kyle had a good weekend, he must of been in heaven! :)