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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One Fine day indeed.

My Sisters blog is titled "One fine Day" well me too. I had a nice day today. We went to Amargosa to play Volleyball with the girls, My A team lost but the B team kicked butt. It was nice to get away even if its only 35 miles one way and to those who have been there Amargosa Valley. My days and times I have spent there years ago still hang close to my heart and memory. My sister lived there, When I was in school, I would ride the school bus down and visit her on the weekends. We always went to Vegas and shopped. It was there I meet my best friend. He was once my boyfriend and we have stayed close even after I got married and had kids. I think we are closer now then before. I wish my sister was closer to me instead for 1600 miles away. We all have are lives now and we grow up, but I will always remember Sue yelling at me when I was little to stay off of her bed and sit on the floor. Now I would do anything to sit on her bed and just chat. Life goes on and so does my thoughts. Love you all......
P.S. My sister on her visit in May


Sue said...

Someone is in the Halloween mood, posting that awful pic of me and the ghost on the bike! Glad to hear fine days run in the family! Funny how I don't remember yelling at you as a kid to get off my bed? But yes, I'd too would give anything to be able to have you sit on my bed anytime and chat! And best friends are just as good, Hi Howard!!

Sue said...

P.S. No more bad pics of me PLEASE!! Or I may have to dig one up of you? LOL