Alpicks Treasures!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Tonight is BIG night for my girls. They have to win the game tonight in order to go to the tournament in Vegas. Keep your fingers crossed that they win. They are all excited about today. I hope they do a great job. And hats off to them, they have worked hard to get where they are playing sports takes a lot out of kids. T.G.I.F. Finally. It seem like it took forever to get here. With the time change. I wake up around 4 and can not get to sleep after that older we get the longer it takes us to adjust to the time change. Have a great weekend. I am off tomorrow to see Kaley! I have not seem her in awhile and I feel it too. I need those kisses from my sweet grandchild. Enjoy!


Sue said...

GO GIRLS.........good luck! Kiss Kayle for me too!

Sue said...

Well did they win?????