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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Volleyball is over. We did win the one from last Friday and we were off to Las Vegas on Tuesday. But we did not win the tournament. we got home late that night and of course parents were not happy. They knew we were not going to be home early, they should of kept the girl home! All the hassles we have had this year I am glad its over, until next year. Now Basketball will start up and I can sit back and watch. Its my baby's birthday tomorrow. She will be 14. The last of the bunch is growing up so fast. All she wants to do is sit home and watch the star wars series there showing I think on Stars? They are putting them in order and playing them all day, something like12 hours long. Way to go girl. That's the tom boy in her I guess? They are having turkey bingo this year and she wants to go to that. The Volunteer Fire Department put it on and we go every year. You play BINGO to win either a turkey or ham. Its lots of fun. It does cost but the money goes to the fire dept. Well off to work I go. Its my Friday due to tomorrow we have off for Veterans Day.
Enjoy your day... Take Care

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Sue said...

Way to go girls!! And Danielle I hope you have a very HAPPY birthday and enjoy your Star War marathon! Hugs from Aunty!! Sis, since you'll be off tomorrow, I'll try to call you!