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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pictures Say a 1000 Words

How true that is. we look at pictures and each of us gets something diffrent out of it? Here is a picture of Indian Writing. What were they thinking of when the Indians were drawing such pictures on rocks? This could be over 100 years old and it still looks great. Finding such treasures out in the middle of nowhere? What a life?. Well enought of that. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!! I know I am behind with my blogg. I have not felt good so I have been taking it easy. Holiday time is hard for me this year. Check out my sister blogg. country pleasures. SHe has done some great wall art with her grandbabies. Always welcome new ideas. Enjoy your Day tomorrow. Until next blogg. Have a Good One.


Sue said...

Hey Sis, where did you find the indian art? Pretty neat! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, will call you later! Love and Hugs!!

Alpicks Treasures said...

On A hike up in the mountains, there was a bunch aroung gold point. a ghost town. Love ya