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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Star wars

Its almost like Deer hunting.
The wait to watch all 6 movies in order from 1st to 6th.
How much we forget what happened.
My husband has been piped up to watch them.
But we have not been able to sit down and watch all at once.
The weekend has been a cloudy and windy one.
The temps are in the 40;s at night and I am too cheap to turn on the propane not at $3.50 or more a gallon.
I will wait until I can not hold out.
The election are don't and over.
Thanks goodness, but now you see the gas prices slowly creeping back up.
What a rip off this government is doing to the American people.
Rob from the poor and give to the rich. Its just not right.
Not when the wage is only at $5.15. How is anyone to survive on that?
If I only had the answers to most of the problems? Well tomorrow is Monday.
Another start to a great week.
Soon Thanksgiving will be here and I am thankful for my family and friends.
Thank You everyone for being there when I need ya.
Until next time...

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Sue said...

Yikes!! Your propane is that much, unreal!! And I thought paying 1.80 was high? Our gas prices is still at $2.08, it went up slowy from $1.96 a month ago to this and hasn't moved in weeks! I hope Danielle was able to see her marathon? Have a great week sis, miss ya!!