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Monday, January 29, 2007

Career Day at High School

What a day this Monday was? My day started out ok. As I got to work at the high school it was career day for all of the students and in the Library was this guy who I used to go to school with. He did not know how I was at first, but then it came back to him. Here is a guy who married his high school sweetheart and lives in Las Vegas. Seeing him at school and others who showed up that I knew it was like I was there again. But as I look at the kids of today, they all looked so puzzled and confused as if they are not ready to head out to the real world. Not many of them knew what they wanted to do after they graduate? If I could go back and be fresh out of school, I would of done something with my life, knowing now what hard work you have to do for a small wage. I would be close to retirement now? Hats off to all who has done what they have wanted to do in there life time. Have a great week. Thanks to all my new friends in blogg world.... Love looking at all your pictures of diffrent places and things. Enjoy I am off to supper. Picture of the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley Juction. The lady here does a beautiful job dancing and singing. A must if your in this part of the country.


RoseMary said...

Hi, how great to see an old classmate. I haven't seen any of mine in years, but just tonight I received an email from a girl I had a business class with. What a pleasant surprise for me! I think it is easy to have regrets about what you 'might have done' but at the same time, God can take and use us where we are right now. You have a great week, too.

Day4plus said...

If I knew then what I know now....what a line....of course I would have done something different.There were around 60 in my graduating class and I only kept in touch with one. She was my best friend since 6th grade. I knew what i wanted to do when i was a senior and i did that now...iwish....oh well. Memories!

Beemoosie said...

As long as there is breath in us...it's NEVER too late! :) I remind myself of that often!

Sue said...

Sis, I think Rosemary sums it up just right, you ARE where you were meant to be, able to be there for Kyle, something you probably wouldn't be able to do if you were a big career gal!! Trust your path in life and you won't get lost! Hugs!!