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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What a pair my cats are? What cat is not.

well looking at these two cats, they look content. Momma is the black one and the tabby is her son. Momma came to us one day, rubbing on my husbands leg, he always said we could not have any cats because he was allergic to them, well this one must be dander free, because we have had her over 11 years now and no itchy or scratchy eyes. They do have different personality's. Well what a surprise today, as I was driving to work I have to stop at the intersection, so my husbands always tells me to go to work a different way and I can see chucker or quill, well we live in the middle of town so they don't come my way to often, but for the 2nd time I have seen this roadrunner at the intersection crossing the road. I never have my camera, so I might tote it along with me. At the high school we always get the prettiest blue birds. They don't go any other where in town beside the school and gold range? Don't know why. well I hope everyone is keeping warm. My new blogger Buddy's are having some cold winter. Soon Springs will be here and the picture taking will be everywhere. Enjoy your Wednesday. Till next blogg :) They did not like the flas to well.. hee hee


Beemoosie said...

Love your kittycats! We can't have cats b/c my they made my daughter really sick. But I still love them! Girl, you need to carry your camera with you EVERYWHERE, and be like the rest of us crazy bloggers!
(((sigh))) I've got 4 months till spring!

Sue said...

I second that Bonnie, you do need to start carrying your camera everywhere, you never know when a photo needs snapped! Since I started this photo a day, I carry it all the time looking for a good shot!

RoseMary said...

Your cats are adorable! I love cats. And you are right, no two are ever alike. I almost ran over one of those crazy road runners a few days ago. Usually they are speedier than he was. Maybe the cold was slowing him down!

Aunt Jenny said...

Momma looks like my cat Sylvia..she died about 5 years ago at age 22~~!!! What a sweetie she was too. I have two cats..one that is 11 years old (pumpkin) and one that is nearly 2 (Alice) they are different as night and day and although I think I am more of a dog person (3 of them live here too!!!) I can't imagine life without a cat in it too!!
Yours are so cute!!!