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Friday, January 19, 2007


Yeah its Friday again. How time flys when your having fun? yeah right. With no signs of Spring anytime soon, we just have to make the best of the cold weather. We were due for a cold one, are last couple of years were wild. Mother nature plays tricks on us. Rain would be good for us, havent seem any in while. I am sitting here watching sleepless in Seattle, and as I watch it I wonder if this has ever happen to anyone. Hearing someone on the radio, you feel sorry for them and go find them? If only it really happens and not just on TV. There are thing I wish my husband would do for me, but I know it wont happen and TV is not real. I want to be wined and dined, and not just to the local burger stand in town, But I chose my life, not saying I am not happy with it, because I am not. I just wish there was more? Do you ever feel that way. I think as men get older they turn into there Dads. I see alot of Marks Dad in him now thats hes older. we are not purfect either, so I cant complain too much. I guess with valentimes in the air comming up, I am feeling alittle silly with my thinking and all, or well, it dont hurt to try? well enjoy your weekend. Keep warm and safe...

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Sue said...

A good love story is the best!! Why don't you wine and dine Mark and maybe he'll get the hint? lol