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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've been Tagged!

As I was reading my sister's blogg she was describing herself to the cyber world as she call being tagged and said for me to get tagged too and to let people who read this blogg what 10 thing I like and do , who I am, etc. Well Sue and my blogg world, here they are;

  • 1. I am the baby in my family!

  • 2. I love spending time with my grandaugther ( and then send her home)

  • 3. Going on vacation with the truck and 5th wheel in tow.

  • 4. My new hobby Canning. Its been alot of fun and to share it with.

  • 5. Antique store are so much fun, I love looking in them.

  • 6.Purple Glass aged from the sun is my favorite collectible.

  • 7. I have been married for 21 years in March.

  • 8.Lived in this small town of Beatty for 27 years.

  • 9. I admire everyone who has put up with my through out my life.

  • 10. I have 3 cats. I like watching them because they each have there own personality.

Hope this helps. There is so much more to a person then just 10 lines. Enjoy your day.
I also love watching wild life. Surprising enough they all dont live in the zoo!


Day4plus said...

Nice to meet you Allison. Great site. I will visit again. You can visit at my 2 blogs. MB

Beemoosie said...

I enjoyed your 10 things about you! Thanks for commenting on my blog! LOVE YOUR MOOSE PICTURE!! :)

Alpicks Treasures said...

Thanks my new friends, nice to meet you...

Sue said...

I see my blog buddies found you, that's the nice thing about being tagged, you get to meet new friends and learn a little about them. Glad you got tagged, it's fun! oh, Beemoosies loves moose, she has a huge collection!