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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Well we all survived the coming of a new year. And I hope all of you has too. Nothing new about this day for us here at home, just another day of sitting around and watching TV and enjoying each others company. I did finish up a project my family said that I would not do before the year was up, is this quilt for Kaley, We picked out some fabric over the summer time and I finished it yesterday hoping she will be here to enjoy it soon before Summer get here and blankets are a thing of the past. I can start a quilt with no problem, but putting the back on and the trim is what I cant seem to do and make it look good? This is only my 3 quilt I have made and I am sure she will enjoy it. I never knew my Grandparents to enjoy the warmth and love or treasures hand made. Enjoy your New years day. Have a happy 2007.. Enjoy,,,


howard said...

bet Kaley will be happy to have that. It looks great.

Sue said...

I agree, she will love it!! Great job sis!! If only I had time to do some sewing! She will have a warm treasure and memory to enjoy for sometime. Give her a hug for me!