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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Time Well Spent!

Yesterday we were off to pick up Kaley in Ridgecrest from her Daddy, What a treat for this Granny to spend time with my only grandchild. And what a day it was. Shopping, Eating, Talking. All that good stuff. Today We have been playing games together. I think they help keep people young. I know when I am around her I get feeling pretty good, considering we all have been sick. Shes the light of my day. I never knew what it was like to hang out with my grandmother, they were all passed away when I was born, So I think I am making up the time with her. Soon we will be on the road again to take her to her Moms house in Pahrump. I have enjoyed my time with her, got some pictures. To all of you who have Grandchildren, Enjoy them while you can. As I get older my patience with them is getting shorter and I am thankful that I do not have small ones hanging on to me anymore. Well until next time... Oh Back to School for us tomorrow...

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Sue said...

She looks more like her mama everytime I see her! Did she love her quilt? I"m so glad you got to spend some girl time together, treasure it in pictures! Love ya!!