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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother's birthday and if she was alive she would be 84. How I miss her. I went up today to put flowers on her grave and could here her say "you shouldn't of done that" then her next words would be "Oh how pretty". She did not like us to make a fuss over her. And now that she is gone, its my job to fuss over her. Why do we wait until its too late to tell people things? I want to ask her so much and now I can not. My heart is hurting today, I know that she is in a better place and is watching over me and waiting. I will again see her one day and then I can have my talk with her and ask her all the thing I did not get to do.

Enough of that. My trip yesterday was a rewarding one, as we were traveling to get there which its like 150 miles away we came across this heard of antelope just sitting off in the distance watching us. well this lighted up my day, you see I live in the desert next to Death Valley where there is not much animals around beside burro. For me to see these animals outing the wild, its a treat for me. I love the wildlife and I am thankful to God for allowing me to see such a thing. I had to zoom it up, So the picture might not be all that great. That's my birthday present to myself which is in 4 days of seeing theses animals.

As the week is getting ready to start, I hope that everyone takes time and really enjoy life's pleasures. God put us in our place we are at for his reason. We need to stop and take the time to smell life! Have a good one and thanks to all my new friends out there. Love ya :)


Sue said...

My heart was with Mom yesterday too, remembering her and missing her are all about healing and letting go. She would of loved to see those antalopes, what a site that must of been! I hope I didn't give you my nasty cold! lol

RoseMary said...

Wow, what a site that must have been for you to see! Something to give you a lift on a day when your heart was hurting--God is so good!
Hope you have a good week.

MB said...

How great to see the antelope. I wish I was there with you. My mom is still around at 90+. She is quite the gal and I know I should talk to her more. We talk but we don't TALK. MB

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Seeing wildlife like the antelopes must have been very special! I would have loved it too! I enjoyed and took to heart what you said about your Mom. Very good and wise counsel!
Thanks so much for stopping by the cabin! Claudia O.