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Friday, February 02, 2007

Roadrunner days

Everyday almost I spot this roadrunner near my house. I think shes nesting somewhere close by? With my chickens in the yard, maybe its coming over for food. Well today I had the camera and caught a picture of this beautiful bird. I love birds of all kinds, don't know why, but I do? and seeing something new around is a blessing to me. My Dad loved birds and raised several different kinds. I guess I have alittle bit of him in me. I am going to check out the farm girl page and see how you get these Valentines everyone is making and receiving, it sounds like alot of fun. Tomorrow I am off to Round Mountain to watch High School Basketball for my son. He is the manager on the team. He has school spirit. Coach wishes he had more like Kyle. He is god gift to us and our anniversary gift. Hope you all have a good weekend and staying warm. Spring is supposed to be early, so we will see. Have a good one,


Beemoosie said...

You have the neatest sites out there! I love birds too! I have a lot of cardinals and blue jays, nothing like peacocks and road runners! (BEEP BEEP! ) You should join MJ's too, or else let Sue give me your addy and I'll make you Valentine's and send you MOOSE!

RoseMary said...

Glad you got his picture. It's always so much fun seeing them. Have fun at the basketball game. I sure hope that spring is early!

Tracey said...

Are you sure that's a road runner? Doesn't look at all like the one I used to see on the Road Runner and Coyote show... :)

Day4plus said...

You have a great site and lots of ops to take pics we do not have. different terrain, different birds. Just different stuff. Keep it up. MB Where is sue? Is she OK?

Sue said...

Hey sis, glad to see you got a pic of this guy, and I hope it does have a nest nearby, that would be neat too! We both take after Dad in our love for birds, Michael too!

Blueridgegirl said...

Wow! A real live roadrunner, and it doesn't look anything like what I saw on tv cartoons as a kid! We don't have roadrunners here in the South (at least not that I've seen), and she sure is pretty. Right now I'm seeing a lot of cardinals and robin red breasts, along with starlings.

Welcome to MaryJane's Farm! It's nice to meet you!

Kim in NC (Carolinagirl)