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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello from Nevada

Well another great day with Kaley.

The weather today was cold and cloudy a big different from yesterday,

so we stayed inside for some of today.

The big race was on and Kaley was not interested at all.

My guy won which made me happy.

I had a nice chat with Sue today.

She suggest that I start a thrift store swap?

I don't even know where to begin with that?

With all the lady's out there who go thrifting might want to swap some treasures they might find?

its just an idea,

I just don't know how to start it.

Tomorrow is Presidents day and I will be taking Kaley home to her Mom.

So if you have tomorrow off,

I hope that you enjoy your day.

I am off to bake some cookies with Kaley

so have a great night and blogg soon.


Day4plus said...

Allison it seems like we have something in common. Well we are farm gal pals and blogging buddies but we also have grandchildren that stay for weekends. Kylee was here Friday, Saturday and I took her home Sunday morning and now Sunday evening I have Brett and Bradley (8&6) until I take them home Monday night. MB

Sue said...

So glad you had a nice weekend with Kayle, those are the memories she will carry with her, enjoy them! Yes, go to the forums and start a thrift store swap, that would be fun!!

Beemoosie said...

Your guy beat my guy...we need to talk! LOL!