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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, Back to work!

Hello all out in blogg land. Hope that your day is off to a great start. I am at work and sitting here reading everyone blogg, which I should be up doing work. But my day is rewarding when I can see what my new friends are up to. My weekend went great with the grandaugther. She always crys when I have to leave. Make this nana sad. But the whole family went to Pahrump with me to take her home and we all had a nice supper in one of the casinos. T-bone Steak dinner was $6.95 with soup and salad bar, boy I was in heaven.. All that good stuff. Well enought of that. As I was shopping for the bunny swap, I was thinking of doing a Easter cookie cutter swap? With help from all of you. I will post one on Mary Janes. I am just having so much fun. Its brought me out from my depression of losing my Mom. So Hats of to you girls. Well have a great Tuesday and I hope my friends in New York are warming up some. My thoughts are with you. Love you all......... I just love this picture of the deer. I have seen them in Wyoming all lined up like this. I got this picture from
www.bighornmountains.com Its a neat site with lots of nice pictures, even some of Moose. Check it out.


Sue said...

Hey sis, so glad you had a nice long weekend with the kiddo!! Dinner sounded nice, I miss those cheap meals that casino's are famous for there! A easter cookie cutter swap is a good idea, I just hope I can find some easter cookie cutters, have't seen any yet, but I'll sign up if you have one! These girls and their blogs are a cure for anything!!

RoseMary said...

Glad you had such a great weekend and got to go out to eat with the family. Love the deer pic--I'm just not crazy about seeing them standing on the side of the highway!

Day4plus said...

Glad you had a nice nana weekend. I had grandkids all week end here. We always have fun too. MB