Alpicks Treasures!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hello to all out there.
Here is a quick port for today.
I am off to Amargosa Valley its about 35 mils from here to watch my daugthers game.
Sue has started a picture posting of work spaces, well I don't really have one anymore because the computer took over my sewing desk,
so here is a picture of my desk I used to used for crafts, sewing and so on.
I still keep all of the supplies in there.
I am glad you all liked the bird picture I posted yesterday.
Most of you have heard of Chucker and one did not. They are related to the quail.
Yes Sue they are large and fat to.
I enjoy seeing them and the quail.
Hope you have had a nice day.
And don't work to hard.
Life is too short to work so hard you can not enjoy life when you get older.


Day4plus said...

Good old work area. My work area is where-ever I can find enough room. I use the floor a lot and the dining room table. I like your desk. MB

katie said...

dear allison, katie here from maryjanesfarm, just wanted to drop a note to say, love your blog! it is weird what we have in common, i turned 42 on jan 6th and i too am an emt for a remote ambulance company.
take care and i love the pics!

Sue said...

Sis, you DO have a craft space, just look at it, it's perfect!! I like the desk too. Happy Valentines day, have a loving one! So glad your posting more!

RoseMary said...

I like your desk. I'm still working on getting a craft area ready. We don't have a lot of room, so I'm having to do some re-arranging.