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Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday, Monday

Back to work another day of the same stuff.

My week has started off ok.

Most everyone at school is sick of some kind.

I am getting over mine, but hubby is still battling his cold.

Soon Spring will be here and hopefully the colds will go out with Winter.

On my way home from work today a bunch of chucker ran out in front of me.

If I was not looking I would of hit one,

But I stopped and was digging for the camera.

They got away so off after them I went. I think these birds are neat.

Beatty is one of the best hunting spots in Nevada for Chucker and Quail.

They tend to stay on the out skirts of town, so I dont get to see them at my house.

I am trying to get rid of the goat. Anyone out there need her?

She is pinned up with the chickens and not happy. I open the pin and let her run the yard some days. She eats everything!!!

My Roses, Plants, Wood, you name it, she eating it. Well I hope that your day went well for all of you. Sue is getting rain, Beemoosie looks like more bad weather, I told Sue to pack it up and send it this way, we need some BAD! Well have a good one. Until next time...


Day4plus said...

I bet you got good hunting in your area. And as for rain you might like it for awhile but then the gray wet days will try your spirit. SMILE!! MB

Tracey said...

Love the desert pics...so different than what we see here!

Beemoosie said...

I love seeing your desert pictures too! And all the different creatures that live there!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

My! It's an interesting place where you live! Can't imagine not having rain, (although we get so much, day4plus is right) but I can understand why you would want to see it and experience it. Hope you find someone to take your goat. I had a lot of goats when I was a kid and I remember how they loved to get into everything. Comical creatures!
Your teapots are charming! Have a great day! Claudia O.

Sue said...

Those birds are good size!! It's still raining here, were under a flood watch now, so you see, rain can be good and bad! I'd love to send you some!

RoseMary said...

What a great picture you managed to get. Sure hope you and your hubby are feeling better. Seems everyone everywhere is sick right now. We are having a cold rainy day and later it may turn to snow. Get well!

Rebekah said...

I had never even heard of a chucker. Now I have! Great picture.

howard said...