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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Skipped a day Blogging! Sorry :)

Well Hello to all of these sweet people I don't even know. That sounds so strange but if you have to meet sometime in your life what a better way to do it. I just want to take this time to tell all of you I am really enjoying all of this and what great therapy for myself since Mom passed away.

Sorry I missed yesterday, Got busy at work, then after work we went to Pahrump for Hubby's Meds and some hardware, Today I taught a CPR class and now I am home writing to all of you.

Since being on Mary Jane's I have Swapped for a desk set, Acquired some Fabric for the small cost of the shipping. I have posted about Eggs and started a Easter cookie Cutter swap. I am excited about the bunny swap. I have already started to shop for this. I am having alot of fun. Thanks Lady's.... My next two weekend coming up are going to be busy ones. My kids have a music concert in Laughlin, Nv next weekend and the weekend of the 10th a school teacher and friend is giving us tickets to the bush race in Vegas, So my son who loves the sport and I will be going to that. My daughter has a Basketball game tournament in Vegas, so Hubby will be with her. So busy is my name. Alot of driving coming up since we live 120 miles one way from Vegas, its not just a hop, skip, and a jump... Well I have lots to do today so I better get busy. Hope everyone is have a great weekend. Here is a sign you dont see everyday. This one is 3 miles North of town.


Day4plus said...

Are the Angel Ladies some of the ladies you know but haven't met? haha!!You do sound like one busy lady and busy family too.
I missed you yesterday. Oh well you are here today. MB

RoseMary said...

My you stay busy! I always enjoy reading your posts--I've just skipped two days--got busy one and then my internet was out for awhile.

Sue said...

Sis, we better explain the angel ladies here, and hopefully no one will be affended. Prostitution is legal in the county that my sis lives in, it's the only place in the US that it is legal. We never thought much of it living around like it like we did, and Allison still does. It's a shock to many who never knew and I'm glad I left it behind in Nevada.

Alpicks Treasures said...

PLease dont be affended. I thought the sign was kinda cute. Sorry ladys, its like Sue said, when you live by it you dont think much about it.