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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Its hard to believe that Winter is gone? We have had a cold Winter this past year, One which I am thankful its now behind us. Our weather for Spring has started off strange? First its HOT and now its chilly and alittle bit of rain here and there? The doctors should all love it, making money on us sick people who are slowly getting over the winter crud and not allergies. I do love the rain. Its so refreshing and smells so good.

Tonight the PTA is putting on a Quarter Auction, This should be fun as long as I don't run out of quarters, they have alot of need prizes, such as room stays at some of the casinos in Vegas, Gift Cards, Power Bill Credits, those always come in handy. This should be alot of fun and wish me luck I win something good.

Danielle had a great Basketball game last night, Her team won with her making the most baskets. Shes so sporty, I don't know where she gets it from, In middle school while I was in PE I blew my knee out, so my playing of any sport was out of the question and its never been the same since. They told me at my last surgery in 2000 that in 5 years I will need a knee replacement, well its 2007 and still hanging on as well as I can.

Soon the Easter Bunny will be hopping around, I am glad my kids are grown up so I don't have to color eggs and hide them. But its fun to watch all the kids around town enjoying there Easter surprises. Hope that everyone is having a great day.


RoseMary said...

Glad you are having a cooler day, Allison. I still dye eggs for our church Easter egg hunt. Have fun at the quarter auction!

Day4plus said...

A quarter auction, hmm, never heard of one. But have fun and take lots of quarters. Marybeth

Beemoosie said...

I am sure you are glad to have a little rain! The snow is still melting here!!
Hope you won something at the quarter auction!
Our daughters are so similar! My daughter loves sports and has a talent at them! She's bold too, like a mini-coach out there. Not me, I was so shy!!
Have a great day Allison!

Sue said...

Love those flowers!!! So pretty! Can't wait to hear what a quarter buys in Beatty!!! Have fun and don't go broke! Good for Danielle! Your'e not done with Easter just yet, your a granny now, don't forget! lol Are you signing up for both thrift store swaps?