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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hello All !!!

Hello from Nevada and a windy one it is. This start to Spring has been so windy you cant even go outside with out something flying away. well I am home until Wednesday night. Thursday morning I am off to Elko for the weekend. My trip was great. We got to Reno Sunday night. Monday we went to Winnemucca to take my friends niece and nefue home. They rode with us up to Reno. After we came home we did alittle shopping (always fun thing to do) Tuesday I went to Carson City and Lake Tahoe. The lake is so blue and clear. we had a nice lunch while we were there at the Hard Rock Cafe. We walked the streets of Tahoe and did some shopping while we were there. Its so pretty up there with the tall pine trees and snow. I bet it gets cold in Winter?

Wednesday before I got on the plane we went downtown in Reno to an Antique store which reminds me of the one in West Plains where Sue lives. So much to see and not enough time.

My flight home was a bumpy one. I do not fly much so having it bumpy did scare me alittle. Then my family was there to pick me up at the airport. we all went out to have a nice supper together and home we went. Thursday my daugther had a basketball tournament in Las Vegas so back we went the next day. and yesterday my son had a track meet in Boulder City which is about 20 miles out of Vegas. so I went to Pahrump and picked up my oldest and she went with Danielle and I to Boulder City and spent the day. It was a nice but long day and I was beet when I finally made it home at midnight. So today I have not done alot due to just to tired.

I was checking out Rose Marys from Life in a Cord Wood Cabin blogg and she tagged me. So here are my results from my tagged.

The questions were:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your month and day you were born, mine Feb 8th.

List 3 events that occurred. Answers Below

1. 1622 King James I of England disbands the English Parliament.

2. 1910 Boy Scouts of America is Incorporated.

3. 1924 The Death Penalty 1st execution using gas took place in Nevada.

2. Find 2 Important Birthdays

1. 1925 Jack Lemon

2. 1931 James Dean

3. Find 1 Death.

Anna Nicole Smith

So your next to be tagged. List 5 people to get tagged and they too will have fun looking up our histories past.

MIKKI JOE - Strawberries and Apron strings

ERIN - Stardust42282

TRACEY - On the Shores of carpenter Creek

MELISSA - Myblessedworld

CLAUDIA - Teeny Tiny Cabin

Have a great day and I can not wait to see what everyone has come up with in there finds.
This photo was take on the way up to Tahoe. Its the Carson Valley.


Beach Girl said...

Hi Allison~

I don't know you, but let me introduce myself: I'm Vanessa aka "Beach Girl" over at Yahweh's Retreat.

I have enjoyed reading your bolg and want to invite you to mine. I actually have 4; the main Yahweh's Retreat blog and then 3 off-shoots you can get to from YR:

~Beach Girl's Boys (my 3 boys)

~Beach Girl's Picture Diary (pictures of the island that I live on)

~The Brownie Lady (reciepes from my kitchen)

Please stop by and say HI! :-)



Beemoosie said...

What beautiful scenery!!! Sounds like you were a busy girl!! I woke up to SNOW this morning!! I am glad you are back...missed u!

Day4plus said...

Beautiful picture, Allison. It's always nice to be greeted by the family. Marybeth

Sue said...

Hey sis, glad you had a nice time and trip, sounds like the shopping was fun, how were the prices? That's a neat tag game, I'll have to let Erin and Melissa know they were tagged! Rest up, we want to see more pics, esp. of Lake Tahoe!

Melissa said...

hey, I answered my ?s but I didnt have anyone else to tag. I only have you, sue and erin on my list. but you can check out my blog for my answers and my other post from today.

RoseMary said...

Hi Allison, so glad you had a great trip. Your picture is gorgeous. I've always heard that it is so pretty at Tahoe--glad you got to go. We've had lots of wind, too! Have fun next week--sounds as if you'll be busy!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Your picture looks so beautiful and so happy to hear you enjoyed such a wonderful time.
As you've probably noticed I've been busy lately and my blogging has been rather hit and miss. But I've been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.
I thank you for tagging me and I'll be taking care of that sometime this week! Love Ya Claudia O.