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Monday, April 16, 2007

Trip Photos

Hello all, well to make this quick I wanted to post acouple of photos from my last trip. I will try and get some of Elko when I go. Hope that everyone has started off there week great. Mine is heading that way. Take care everyone.


Day4plus said...

I like your pictures. Isn't it fun to take road trip pics. Keep up the good work. MB

Beemoosie said...

Love the pictures!!! That bear xing sign is so cool!! Did you see any?

Sue said...

The best of Nevada is up north, such pretty country!! Can't wait to see how Elko has changed! And if I can give up diet coke, you can give up pepsi! It was easier than I thought! Hugs!!

Aunt Jenny said...

I loved your pics..havn't been up there in quite awhile..beautiful..I don't think I could live without the mountains..wonderful!!!
I still can't get my trip pics to post...grrrr