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Monday, April 23, 2007

Home At last!

I bet you all have thought "AM I EVER COMING BACK" well here I am and home to stay for

awhile. Back to work was kind of nice to see everyone after having to drive on Sunday in Rain,

Hail, Snow and Wind. I was glad to have my feet back on soil I kow so well. My trip was very

Educational for the Ambulance side of it anyways, I learned fancy bandaging, how Meth is made,

What to do if your exsposed to sever cold, airways which with out that you would be 6 feet

under, so pretty mush stuff I already know. Well to make this short and sweet. Hello everyone

and hope that your weekend went well? its late and this chic is ready for bed. Oh I want to

thank Rose Mary for my goodies I get in the mail from the Thrift Store Swap. I will try and get

some pictures posted, but not tonight.

Sweet Dreams Everyone.
Labels for the picture: Pony Express Trail, I went over on the way up to Elko and bathroom stop along the way> :)


Day4plus said...

I am glad you are home and it sounds like you are too. I like yur local photography. I am learning geography all over again. welcome back--go to bed. MB

Sue said...

I thought you ran away for good! lol Glad to have you back with us! I heard that Vegas was cooler than us, how odd? And a snow storm up north of you this late? WOW. Can't wait to see what Rosemary got you, you did good with her goodies! Missed ya!

Beemoosie said...

Welcome home!! WE don't even have snow!! Glad you are back!

RoseMary said...

Great pics, Allison. So glad your trip went well and you didn't have any trouble. I was worried you were going to drive on some slick roads. Glad the box got there. Get some rest!