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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Help me find the Answer!

Well here is a question for you all out there and hopefully you might know the answer?

My Mom got ill 1 year ago today and she passed away June 11. Well this morning I had a bill collector all me on her account. I did not answer the phone and let them talk away in my machine. My question for you all, is there a time frame on how long they can try to collect? I have paid all that's come through and today a new one calls? Whey do they wait so long? I thought there was a law saying after so long they can not go after someone for it? maybe I am wrong. If anyone knows what I am talking about I would love your help. It just makes me mad!

Well my week has been flying by? don't really know why. But its a good thing. Last night I was chatting with my very good friend over the Internet. Its always great to chat with him. And to catch up on each other is always nice. The place he works is under staff so he has been putting in alot of over time, poor thing. I feel for him. He works an 12 hour shift and to work over time, I don't know how he does it. My thoughts goes out to him today as he is back to work.

My hubby is off on a bus run to Laughlin, which is nice I get the house besides kids to myself. Yeah.... After 21 years alittle break away from each other is always nice, even though I just came back from my trips. He drives the school bus and really enjoys doing it. Being around the high school kids has gave him a better outlook in life. He can talk to them and they don't look at his a s a teacher figure. He has enjoyed spending time whit his own kids since he has been driving the school bus. who can say they pay you to take your own kids to a sports or field trip event.

Well I have catted enough, so off I go. I really enjoy all my new friends. Hope that you have a great day and I will be looking for you in blog land....
This picture is outside of Elko, Nevada


Sue said...

Hey sis, I would say everything is paid by now and wouldn't pay anymore, might be a scam? Did you take that photo, it's great!! Enjoy your time, we all need it! Hugs!!

Day4plus said...

You are under no obligation to pay that bill, if indeed it is even real. Unless you, in writing inherited something that you then owed money on -there is no bill owed. You did right by not answering the phone.
Always good to visit you at your blog. Take care. MB

Beach Girl said...

I feel the same way about you and all my new friends in Blogland. It's a pleasure to come and visit!


RoseMary said...

Hi Allison. I wouldn't pay anything at all without checking it out real well. Glad you have a little free time. Get some rest, my good blog friend!