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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Already!

Wow where has this week gone to? Its nice when they fly by like that, My week went well, still catching up from all of my trips. I think I need a good vitamin because I just don't get anything out of the ones I take.

This picture was taken from Kaley my 6 year old grandaugther, last Sunday I took her half way to meet Mom and she had to have Nana's camera, so all the way she was flashing pictures at everything, but this one of the sunset came out nice, not bad for a 6 year old? Shes a smart cookie..

My weekend will consist of taking Danielle my 14 year old to opening day for Little League in Amargosa Valley which is about 35 miles away, so there we will have pictures taken and her 1st game. Sunday I am going to a funeral for a lady here in town, She was not that old in her 50's got Cancer real quick. I have her grandson in class and he asked me if I could go, I say yes. Living in a small town we all know everyone. So while I am at the cemetery I will stop by and say Hi to my Mom who is always with me.

So I hope that your weekend becomes a nice one. I have sweet peas and cucumbers that needs planting but my knee is just not being nice to me to get out there and fix up the garden.

Maybe Sunday, see how this crazy weather is, its been chilly here the last 2 day and windy, yuck. well have a good one..


Day4plus said...

Kayley What a sweet girl she is and an excellent picture taker. You are one busy lady. Remember to take time for yourself. Also tell your Mom about all your new blog friends. I wish we all could have met her, but through you we do. Mary Beth

howard said...

Good job Kaley! Wave hi to Sues and my old home in Amargosa... we all had a few good memories there. Seems like not too long ago we lived there, to depressing to think how long it's really been :(

Sue said...

Way to go Kayle!! That's a good photo, give that a girl a blog!! lol Just kidding!! Sis, were gonna have to talk and find out just what you need to get feeling better, and get those knees working better for you! I too have a busy weekend, another birthday dinner, Melissa this time but we should be home tomorrow for most of the day! Hi Howard, yes, it's been sometime since we all lived there, sure makes me feel older than I am to think about it! lol

Beach Girl said...

WOW~GREAT JOB KALEY!!! Keep up the good work.

Hey There Allison,

I hope I did not offend you with my comment regarding the bird house. Sometimes I open my mouth and put my foot in. Forgive me?

Vanessa :-)

Melissa said...

wow she's getting big! it doesn't seem like she should be old. it seems like it was just yesterday when I first met everybody and she wasn't much older than Chloe. Where does time go?