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Monday, May 07, 2007


Well what more can I say but its Monday... The weather is great, Family's is fine, Friends on the Internet have amazing stories to read, and I am here at work.. What a life GOD has given to me. I was looking at my nieces blog Stardust42282 and she has a picture of my sister. That made my day to see her smiling face. I wish we lived closer. You can pick your friends but you cant pick your family and Sue makes Mom proud. I see alot of my Mom in Sue.

Went to Amargosa Valley over the weekend for opening day of Little League and what a dust bowl it was and cold. I think it reaches 65 all day but the wind made it worst. Danielle did not win her first game but I tell her your in it for the love of the game and that she does. So after that was done we headed off over the hill to Pahrump into another dust bowl. I called my oldest and she brought Kaley out and we all eat lunch at Taco Bell. What a treat. We don't have fast food in Beatty so anything to us is a treat.Went to the local Walleyworld (Walmart)which this on is really bad about keeping things in stock. I needed Ink Cartridges and of course they were out!

After shopping we were back home but my visit with Shila and Kaley was rewarding.

Sunday I got out in the yard and planted my 2 veggies I got while in Elko. Had to keep chasing the chickens out, they were right in there with me as if they thought it was for them, Let the goat out for exercise and she kept her eye on me too. But the plants are planted and one less chore I have to do.

Well Hope everyone starts out there week shining! Keep Posting and I Will Keep Reading... :)


Day4plus said...

I do enjoy reading about your life, Alison. You seem to have a nice family. We've been in the high 50s here and I've been thinking how warm it is. Today is supposed to be maybe 62+. toasty. It is all relative isn't it? thanks for visiting my blogs, you are a peach! MB

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Allison,
I do appreciate the time you always take to stop by the cabin and always leave such encouraging comments! Thank you!
What a dear and sweet thing to say about your sister! I love hearing about you two! It's so nice that you can stay in touch every day through blogging! I wish my Mom would-but she gets all confused by the computer. Thankfully, my girls check in regularly. Have a great day-love your pictures too! Claudia O.

~~Mikki Jo said...

Allison, it must be hard living so far away from your sister. My youngest sister lives right next door to me, and my other "younger" sister just lives about 15 to 20 minutes away, and my older brother lives in town. My parents live just around the corner. I'm thankful we're close and live close together. Our little league has not started this year. Their having some kinda problems getting enough to play or games set up or something, don't know whats up. This has never happened before and my son is very upset. Actually it will be his first year of minor league, he's 13 this year. I was really looking forward to ball season, now I don't know if their even going to have a team. Grrrr

Sue said...

Hi sis, glad to hear you had a nice weekend, we did too! I wish we did live closer, what fun we'd have! Mom was proud of her girls and each of us have apart of her in us, I can even see some of Mom in May! Tell Danielle to play for herself and she'll be happy no matter what. Got rain heading our way today so Monday here will be greener! Hugs!!

RoseMary said...

You had a productive weekend. I'm glad your day went so well. Hope you have a great week!

Tracey said...

Ah...chickens and gardens...a troublesome combo to be sure!

Isn't it nice to at least have the itnernet to keep families and friends close to the heart? Hard not to be able to give them a hug, but so nice to at least touch base daily here.