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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blah, Blah

After reading my sisters blog, I too felt like Blah. After hearing my husband for over 3 weeks not whine about his tooth, my mood has gotten grumpy too. Why is it men can not handle pain as well as women? He has never had a tooth hurt him and after this one I hope he don't get anymore. The groans are 24 hours, Night, day. Tomorrow he goes and gets it pulled out. Now he worried about how it will feel after its gone, so more whining, groaning, moaning, How much can I take? Only time will tell. We are going fishing on the 9th so I hope he is better by then. So I salute all of us Strong Women who can take the pain of anything.
Hope that your week is going well for all of you.
The picture is how my husband feels, All sympathy welcome, if needed? hee hee


Day4plus said...

Too funny, Allison. Women are the caregivers which means don't ever get sick or anything because there is no one there for you. Haha.
Men--that's about all I can say.
Take care, MB

Sue said...

Till men give birth they have no idea what pain is! I do hope he is doing better once it's pulled and gone for good! Tell him to bite the bullet, walk it off, suck it up and so on! lol Gee, I didn't mean for my funk to rub off on you! Love ya!!

Rose Mary said...

Ha, Ha, Allison! Men just can't take pain of any kind. Colds are the worst for them, too! Hope he is better.