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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summers Here!

You know that Summer is here when Wild Fires are close by. We have not had any rain since Feb or March and this desert is dry. Last Summer there were wild fires about 3 miles out of town, which in my 27 years of living here I have never seen any that close to home. I heart and prayers goes out to the family's who live up in Lake Tahoe. I think somewhere around 170 homes were caught in the blazes. If you have never had a home fire, then you really don't know how to react to it, but once you have one your heart pours out to all the family's. 2 weeks after I got married, my home caught on fire. Luckily I did not loose everything. So please say a prayer to all who get caught up in these horrible fires.


Rose Mary said...

Wow, it's scary just looking at that picture! I do pray for all those in Lake Tahoe-I know it must be very tough for them. I'm praying for you guys to get some rain!

MB said...

Fires have to be one of the worst things to happen. Just a tragedy. Stay safe yourself. MB

Melissa said...

sending a prayer to those who have lost their homes in the fire.

Sue said...

My heart aches for those affected by the Lake Tahoe fires, praying for them too, so sad! Gee, I can't imagine going that long without rain, I panic if we go 2 weeks without it! Hope you get some soon? Hugs!