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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sad Story!

Once upon a time in Beatty there was a gas station named Henderson's Wagon Wheel Service. It was there us as kids would hang out and chat with the people working. Buy some gas and sodas, Kick back and watch some TV the 3 channels that Beatty had. Well up until last Wednesday 6/18 it was always there. My husband and his family owned that station since the 1920 and in 1999 we sold it. It went up in smoke. The owner says someone set it, but if you know small towns, its all a cover up. He would let anyone sleep around in the office. Drugs were in and out, its so sad to see something that meant so much to my family just be wasted by another. Times change and we cant always hold on to things the way we want to . So today my page is to the station.
This is the picture taken as it was burning. The office was gutted.


Day4plus said...

Oh Allison, how sad. Something that meant so much to come to such a tragic ending. But fun memories of a better time. MB

Rose Mary said...

Very sad~but nothing can take away the memories of the good times that you remember. Stay cool, Allison!

Sue said...

Such a shame, Mark must be really upset. I remember that station, and I hate it when old landmarks like that are taken away for no reason, just plain senseless!

Beach Girl said...

I am so sorry. Hold on to your memories.


Melissa said...

so sad to hear. on a happier note-got the bday card today in the mail. Thanks for the card and money. I plan on taking her shopping this weekend and let her pick out a toy!