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Friday, July 27, 2007

One Tired Chick Here!

Well, yes that's me. I have been filling in as custodian at school and I am sleepy. Getting up at 5:00 A.M. is rough but I am manging it. So much for the plans to do around the house. It looks like I will be working for awhile. We do need the cash. Its so hard since I am so out of shape. My diet took a nose dive. I need to get back up on the wagon again. Hurry someone bring me the tape to put over my lips..... :) hee hee well here are couple more pictures from my trip, Ah the cool water, fishing, camping, boy does that time go by to fast! Have a great weekend..


Day4plus said...

Beautiful pictures Allison. Yes, camping does go by too fast and then it's back to the same ole thing. At least you have some summer work to keep that cash flow pouring in. You have a good week-end too. MB

Rose Mary said...

You got some great pictures on your vacation, Allison. Hope you get some rest in before school starts back up!

Sue said...

I love those old Nevada towns, and the northern part is so pretty!! I started a vinegar diet plan in pill form, and it does help curb and fill full faster plus vinegar is good for the joints and arthritis. No they don't taste like vinegar either, I know what you were thinking! lol