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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot, Hot, Hot

We headed out to Ridgecrest California yesterday,

its about 138 miles one way or so. Having to get there is a big hassle because you have to go through Death Valley National Park to get there. Knowing that Kaley was waiting for me on the other side was well worth the trip. As we got down into the valley both my husband and I was watching the temperature in the van to see how hot it was out side. Well we went through there about 5:00 P.M. the hottest time of the day and the temp read 121degrees outside, boy that's toasty and when I put my hand on the window, it was hot! As we climbed up the hill to get up and out from the valley you climb up pretty high the temp up there was 92, big difference. We picked up Kaley at the local Walmart there, took her shopping for some school cloths and ate supper and headed home. I think I went to bed at midnight. It seems like I lay ed my head down and the alarm went off. 5:00 A.M. comes around to fast.

History from Nevada......

A couple of nights ago, my husband and I went out in the hills for a ride. I asked him if we can go out the the Rhyolite Graveyard, so off we went. For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about well here is your history. Rhyolite

is in Nevada which boarders Death Valley, Back in the early 1900's it was a booming mining town with over 10,000 people in it. It was one of the largest towns in Nevada, Around 1906-1908 the mines busted and was over, the folded up the streets and left town, now

all that remains are a few frames of buildings, train depot, bottle house and the grave yard. As we went walking around to look at the graves, some were dates back in the 1890's Vandals hit it a few years back and broke up most of the wooden markers so you don't know who's there. Here are some pictures so you can see for yourself! Enjoy!!


Day4plus said...

Thanks so much for posting those pictures. I was reading about the mines there awhile ago and knew they were somewhere in your area. I love history. Too bad about vandals.
I bet Kayley was glad to see you guys as much as you were glad to see her.
Talk about HOT. I can feel the hear just from your blog. Whew!!

Day4plus said...

Mee again. I like the new look. MB

Sue said...

Hey, how come we didn't see those headstone when we were there last year? They are neat!! I don't miss that kinda hot, our heat wave has passed, got some rain and back to normal, woohoo!! Kiss Kayley for me!!

Sue said...

Me again too....like the new look also, it took awhile to load so I didn't see it the first time, nice photo, so clear!!

Beach Girl said...

Hatteras Hello!

I actually just posted at Yahweh's Retreat and wanted to stop by for a visit.

LOVE the new look! I need to figure out how to do that.

Thank you for sharing some history from your corner of the world; I love it and the pictures.


Rose Mary said...

Those are some hot temps you went through! Allison, I loved the little history you gave of Rhyolite--I've never heard of it. The graveyard pics are great! Such a shame vandals always seem so drawn to that sort of place. How can tearing up all that history make them feel good?