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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I bet you all thought I have forgotten about you? Sorry I did not, just working all day and when I get home I am sleepy. Our trip to the big town of Pahrump was a restful one, a well needed rest. I had all 3 of my kids together which don't always happen alot. It was nice to visit with my daugther. We caught alot of blue gill and some bass. Us girls went thrift store shopping, not many finds but I did find a coring wear bowl to add to my others and it was only $1.00. I started my new job officially on Monday as a night time janitor. I have been subbing that position out since the women who had it transferred to Pahrump. I am thankful for what the Lord has given to me. I was following his directions. If it was ment to be I would have it and I do. Its hard work most days and I am out of shape. But I feel better now knowing when Summer time comes around, I don't have to worry where are next check is coming from. And to have insurance on top of that, I am really blessed to have God, my family, and my friends with me. Last Saturday I lost a dear friend of Mark and mine. He was a man who gave his heart to anyone, an okie, a fiddle player and a man I thought of as a dad. I will miss you Carl, your in Gods hands now, play your fiddle with my father in law to God! Hope that everyone is great and well. I missed you all. Until next post. Here are some pictures of my family and trip. P.S. Anyone know what kind of bird this is. He would watch us every night fishing?


Rose Mary said...

Those are great pics, Allison! I was hoping you were going to tell us what kind of bird you took a pic of! He's cute. I'm glad things are going well for you and you are trusting God to take care of everything. I think that is the only time we truly have peace. When we try to sort it all out on our own, it just never works.
Have a great week.


howard said...

I need to check that place out, looks like a little paradise in the middle of the desert. Glad you had a good time and Congrats again on the new job!

k.m.s quarterhorses said...

Welcome back allison. I missed you and your blog. It sounds like you and family had a nice time.
Congrats on the job it is always nice to know that the money will continue. MB

k.m.s quarterhorses said...

PS--I meant to add that I am sorry about your friend but God just needed another fiddle player. MB

MaryBeth said...

Well it looks like Kylee was on the computer before me. (kms) we both say hello MB

Sue said...

Hey sis, congrats again on the job! Love the photos, looks like a oasis in the desert! Sorry to hear about Carl, but like MB said, God needed another fiddle player! That bird looks like he maybe in the King Fisher family?

smileygrad2000 said...

Black-crowned Night Heron

That would be the name of our little birdie that visited us everynight waiting for us to pass a fishie its way. Here is a page to view to go see and read about it.


Copy and paste that into your browser and go check it out!!!