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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sad days in Beatty

Our town mascots are gone.

The town fathers ( They Wish)

complained about the Burro that were roaming around town.

The petition was out to keep them here but that was not enough.

Something like 60 % of the town wanted them to stay.

Well the other day BLM came to took them away.

In our little news letter some guy puts out

it said that they are going to Ridgecrest, California to be adopted out

but will probably be put to sleep. Its so sad!

Why some residents in this town could be so mean.

These Burros were not hurting anything in this town,

Maybe trimming your grass,

but they have been in this town longer then anyone here.

They may have been brought here many years ago by miners,

but to me they are natives not because they all were born here.


SO if you have some wild animals roaming around,

don't tell anyone!

Or your town will be next to get rid of them.


Day4plus said...

That is so sad, Allison. What ever happened to majority rules? I'd be angry too. MB

Kay said...

How sad! Sounds like someone was railroading this deal instead of listening to what the people wanted. Meanies!

Sue said...

I'm mad too and I live 1200 miles away! But don't fret, BLM can't put them asleep unless they are sick. We have had those wild horse and burro adoptions here before and I've often wondered if they came from Nevada. Have Ryan check on them for you! I don't know why Beatty would want to get rid of such a beautiful animal, what will the tourist look at now?