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Monday, September 17, 2007

Happy Monday

Hey Everyone. Just a quick post to say Happy Monday! Yeah and back to work. Hope that everyone had a nice weekend? And now that the weather is starting to cool off makes it even nicer. Go and check out what Sue has for sale on her Etsy store. Lots of cute things and Christmas ideas too. Just click on Country Pleasures and it should take you to where you need to go. Well have a great weekend and chat again soon. My girl, doing what she loves to do. (Everthing)


Melissa said...

wow...she's a busy girl. the h.s. here at WP is so big that you can only do one sport each seas...and the cheerleaders can't play sports if they cheer-except during soccer b/c they don't cheer for anything during that season. I always thought that was dumb. You're usually only chosen for most of the sports based on who your family is and if they have money. Lame.

Day4plus said...

Love your pictures. Keep 'em coming. MB

Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison, thanks for the link to Sue's store. Your daughter looks so pretty and she seems to be having lots of fun. I'm glad it is cooler for you~we're back into summer weather for a while:-{

Sue said...

Thanks for the plug sis!! Glad it's cooling down for you! Danielle is super girl!