Alpicks Treasures!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hello all. I bet you thought I left and was not coming back. So Sorry. Just with work and all I dont get alot of time to just sit on the computer. Our weathers has changed, no more 100's yeppie!!!! Its in the 85's and nice. I like this time. We dont get much of fall but days like this is a true blessing from ~~~GOD~~~ ! My weekend has flown by to fast as always. I have Kaley home to spend the day and in a few short hours from now we are taking her home. Here are some pictures of Beatty and where I work, see how nice and clean I get it, only until all the kids come through the door. Well enjoy your Sunday! I am mine.

1st picture is looking at the High School, 2nd is inside down one of the hall ways, 3rd looking from the front of the school at the mountains.


Day4plus said...

You sure do keep it spic and span. Very nice. We are in the low 50s and cold rain. Not a nice day but the flowers and my pond and the fish love it. MB

howard said...

That is a nice school, it looks almost new. It's geting cooler here too. Love sleeping with the windows open at night, that's like taking a sleeping pill for me :)

Sue said...

It's about time you updated this!! The school is one of the nicest places in Beatty, so glad the kids and teachers have it! It does look super clean!

Nancy Jo said...

Watch your mail!!