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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Time to Myself...

And yes I did enjoy me day. Monday after all of the rain we got on Friday and small amount on Saturday night something told me it was time for me to get out and explore the desert. Thinking the waterfall was running I switched cars with the hubby and off I went out in the jeep to the hills around Beatty. I went out to the waterfall for some good picture shots but it was not running much, a day late I guess. SO off I went on the dirt roads just me and the jeep to see what else I can find. Now these are my old stomping grounds so its not like I am going to get lost.I came across a snake on the road, at first I thought it was alive so silly me I took a picture but when it did not move I figured it was dead. Off I went. I headed out to some springs and water troff, but nothing, no birds, animals, oh well I kept on going. I approached an mine where some years back a little girl fell into it and died, I payed my respects to her as I was one of these who were on the ambulance run waiting hours for rescue personal to bring her up. It was a sad day, one I will not forget, so I headed back down and off I went toward home, stopping at a place we all call green streak because theres a green streak in the mountains, very pretty in my eyes, but I seem to remember it being greener. Well back in Beatty from my trip I so enjoy, being out in the hill and enjoying the peace and quite. Hope everyone is having a great week. I got a surprise in the mail from Nancy Jo, I will post next time what that sweet lady sent to a perfect stranger, Bless you Nancy! I am off to work. Until next post.

Picture 1 - Waterfall, Picture 2 - Mine where girl fell into, Picture 3 - Green Streak


GardenGoose said...

wanted to let you know that you are a winner. please visit my blog for details. :0)
the photos here are nice..it is always so nice to have some quiet time. so sorry about the girl and the mine.
anyhow..wanted to let you know that you have won on my drawing.:0)

Day4plus said...

Allison, your pictures are beautiful. I like the Green streak with the gnarly rocks on top. Glad you had a day to yourself--it feels so good sometimes. MB

Sue said...

Always good to get out alone to renew the spirit, a very good post and photos! Congrats on winning Tina's giveaway, her photos are so good! Keep the photos coming!!

Rose Mary said...

Hi Allison, loved the pictures. Sometimes it's nice just to get a day to yourself, isn't it. Sounds like you had a good one!