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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

This is just a quick post to let you all kow that, yes I am still here, and no I did not forget about you all. My days here lately have been a busy one. My weekend went well but fast. Left for California Saturday morning and home on Sunday and off to Vegas on Monday, so I have not been home much at all. My husband found out that he has Diabeties, so we are all dealing with that. My knees out of wack, so tomorrow I am having some xrays done to see whats going on in there. So thats my life in under 100 words or less. I am happy because my daugther in Oahrump now has a job working for a title company, (Yeah Shila) Well thats it for me, I am off to work. Hope that everyone out there in Blog land is doing well. I miss you all. Thanks for reading.. Pictures are of a goat at the fair and Southern California Freeway in Riverside, A less busy day and a clear day.


Sue said...

Glad to hear Shila has a job, always a good thing! Let me know what you find out about your knee, how is Mark doing? I learned alot about the diease since Linda had it so if I can help, just hollor! That pic of Calif. looks like Pahrump! lol

Day4plus said...

So sorry about your knee (sounds like mine) and your husband but as you said you are dealing with it. I miss you too but if you are not home or on the road you just don't have time to be blogging. And you do have to work too. Yipes!! MB

Beemoosie said...

I know all about busy!! HOpe all is well!

Rose Mary said...

Hope things are going better for you now. How is your husband adjusting? Hope your knee xrays were okay. I'm behind on blogging, too--real life tends to get in the way!

BikerK8 said...

Hi I came across your blog through another blog and another you know how it goes. Anyway my hubby was diagnoised 11 years ago as a diabetic. First he controlled it by diet and with time med and now he does a needle at bedtime and meds during the day. This has never stopped him from enjoy life to the fullest. He golfed, we went bike riding & He Just retired in Dec 31/06 from the Police force and no he wasn't on the desk. We just did a cross country tour from BC to Newfoundland and back to Alberta this summer by motorcycles (we each had our own). He has also had a quad by pass. Determination goes a long way with this disease. Exercise and healthy eating, is the main way to take care of oneself. Good luck to the both of you
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GardenGoose said...

hoping that all goes well for you about the knees, and your hubby's diabetes. best of wishes for a good week.

BikerK8 said...

Hi me again
i love to be e-mail buddie with you. We are saving to travel through the Western part of the States. We have gone down as far as Yellow stone National Park. Before the next 2 years is up we paln to go to Alaska and work our way back to Ontario where our grand babies are.
If you are interested in becomeing internet pen pals I would enjoy it also,
my email addy is bikerk8@hotmail.com I have book marked your blog so I can watch the sights of your area. Lovely pictures..