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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beatty Days Weekend!

The other morning we got awoke up from the pager to say that a truck went through a house behind the 76 station. Now when your half asleep and hear something like that sometimes you think that your dreaming. As I took my son to work that morning I glanced over and sure enough there was a big diesel truck smacked into a car that went into an old house here in town.

The sad thing about this story is that the house was really old and it was made by the old rail road timbers that was used from the train that used to run in Beatty before ww2 hit and they tore up the tracks for the metal. So now they will probably tear down the house and leave the land blank as with most others stuff here around town.

Well, This weekend is our annual Beatty Days. Years ago back in the 60 and early 70's they had Burro Races here. It made world wide fame at one time. An old miner would go out and find a burro and run it through the desert for 3 days from start to finish and end up downtown main street. They had to be tough guys back then. They do not do that anymore with all the animals rights and all. but our weekend here was pretty nice with alot of people showed up. They had a chili cookoff, bed races, poker run, games, bands. We had a 3 day weekend because Friday was Nevada Day and I got it off, yippee.. well hope that your weekend was a nice one.


Day4plus said...

Isn't it fun to celebrate your town day. I sure brings people together even in a small town and you already know everybody.
I hope nobody was hurt in the truck/car/ wreck. Too bad about the house. They never put the oldtimers back together--sometimes they just can't. You take care. MB

Sue said...

Sis, you should be the town's reporter! Great photo! I hope they don't tear down that old house, it has alot of history behind it! I'll try to call you this afternoon, till then, enjoy your Sunday!

smileygrad2000 said...

Hey look its my neon,what the heck is up with that, stupid truckdriver.....lol

Rose Mary said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Wow, can you imagine what those old miners must have gone through when they actually rode the burro through the desert for 3 days?

It is a shame about the old house. I love old houses and always hate to see them torn down.

GardenGoose said...

sounds like a really fun town celebration. such a shame about the old house.